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本公司是一个教人理财的游戏网站,不是投资类公司和资本运作类公司。特再次重申:所有游戏玩家都应当是在知情、自愿、了解 游戏规则的前提下注册本公司游戏网站的游戏账户。请您在拥有自我管理户口的能力下进 行游戏操作。与人合作或交给他人代管户口是公司明令禁止的行为,请大家谨记和遵守游戏规则。如有做不到以上几点的玩家,请不要注册游戏账户或在有收益之后 退出本游戏网站系统。请各位玩家认真阅读本公司的游戏规则,在此谢谢所有玩家一贯的理解和支持!谢谢。

Dear Players,
Mfc Club is a personal financial management educational game and is not an investment company. Players must establish that their participation on Mfc Club game is lawful in their own jurisdiction. Player's account(s) should not be managed by third-party in any means. Players that do not agree with the game regulations are advised to stop playing immediately. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and understandings.